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We specialise in the restoration and sale of antique lighting and other metal objects, our company was established in 1958 by my Late Grandfather Mr Robert Carden (Cardens) (simply known to some as Pete) We are very well known in and around the Brighton area, and most recently taking on new clients from in and around London.

The services we offer are:

Re wiring. Average cost  £15.00 per arm. Includes full rewire using specialist flex, new fittings, new fire retardant candle tubes, any thread alterations needed and a final electrical saftey test all undertaken by qualified domestic appliance service engineer and saftey tester. If you have been told that your light fitting cannot be restored or wired then give us call, we dont charge to chat or look, and most things can be done!!

Alterations and conversions. Gas to electric, oil to electric.

Metal Polishing (brass, copper, silver, spelter, pewter, alluminium, stainless steel and iron)

Lacquering (clear and gilt finish)

Glass and ceramic drilling £5.00 per hole. We cannot accept responsibility for any glass item that cracks whilst being drilled due to unseen stresses in the glass that may be present before commencement of work, although this is highly unlikely. 99 percent of glass drilling work is sucsessfull.

Turning of small metal parts. Thread cutting.

Repairs to brass, copper, iron, steel, spelter, alluminium, stainless steel and pewter using the following methods; Braizing, silver soldering, soft-lead

soldering, and welding.

 Lighting that is offered for sale can be restored to your own exacting requirements i.e original condition, just rewired, unwired, polished, polished and lacquered, silver plated, gold plated, chrome plate, nickel plate, antique finish silver plate, hand made card candle tubes, long elegant french candles, cotton braided electrical flex.

TRADE ENQUIRIES PLEASE CALL ALAN ON 07707 926393. discounts given to regular trade.


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